Star Wars The Force Awakens Review: How a solid story goes a long way

2015 has undeniably been one of the biggest years for films in history. “Jurassic World,” “Minions,” “Mockingjay” and many other films have dominated the box office, breaking records left and right almost monthly, but none stood a chance against Star Wars.

The long awaited 7th episode of one of the most beloved franchises broke presale records almost instantly and many camped out days before the premiere to get a good spot. However the one question on everyone’s mind was, would it be good?

While many are divided on the prequel trilogy, many wondered if “The Force Awakens” would follow in the prequels footsteps and polarize audiences and fans.

Having seen the film, I can safely say that the film is not only good, but it’s even great, for a pretty simple reason.

Aside from playing on nostalgia, (which pleased many fans) the film made everyone happy by just having a good story. Admittedly, the film shares heavily of the original Star Wars’ plot, but by having a solid plot it manages to not only engage audiences, but captivates them.

Instead of playing on heavy effects and flashy fight scenes, the film relies on plot and good story telling, with heavy effects and flashy fight scenes only being included when necessary.

While everyone outside of of Rey, Finn, and Han Solo was cast aside, the movie melded together rather well and exceeded my expectations as a casual fan.

It seems franchises are beginning to catch on the the notion that a good story draws bigger crowds than flashy films. Hopefully this becomes a trend for all films in Hollywood.

Cast: B+
Script: A-
Cinematography: A
Score: B+
Overall: A-


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