Sisters Review: A warm and familar tale

When the news that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would be teaming up for another film, people got fucking excited. The comedy wives have been the subject of America’s love ever since they became Weekend Update Co-anchors. While “Baby Mama” left a lot to offer, “Sisters” delivers a fun time.

While the films set-up is relatively stereotypical and plays on very popular trope, the film is nonetheless entertaining.

Fey’s character is the irresponsible half of the duo, who is trying to have a good relationship with her daughter. Although the two have the most unbelievable relationship, it’s still sweet and endearing.

Poehler’s half is the responsible and self-described boring one who is searching for one last good time.

While the movie has a hard time getting it’s footing, when it does it delivers in spades. the main party scene has a wonderful ensemble that manages to entertain you the whole time.

While the film won’t go down as a classic, it will go down as a funny and pretty great movie.

Cast: A
Script: A
Cinematography: B
Score: B
Overall: B+


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