Room Review

Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay assert themselves as Oscar front runners in this gripping and devastatingly amazing drama.

Inspired by the kidnappings of young girls in America, Emma Donoghue’s 2010 novel “Room” recounts the story of Jack and Ma, two people living in “Room.” Being trapped in a 10×10 shed, Joy decides to tell her small boy that “Room” is the entire world.

The first half of the film goes over their lives in the room, as you slowly learn how Jack sees the world, the terrifying truth of their reality slowly sets in as “Old Nick” comes in and out. After they escape, the second half of the film focuses on Jack and Ma learning how to go back into society.

The film isn’t the best story of the year, but it is the most emotional one. As the film progresses, the viewers suspense and anxiety never really subsides, making scenes like their escape and Ma’s reunion with her parents tug at your heartstrings enough to leave you an emotional mess.

The real standouts of the film are Jack and Ma. They manage to tell you an entire story without being blatantly obvious or self-aware. Their performances are so captivating that entrances you throughout the entire film.

In the second act, The focus stays on Jack and follows his journey as he discovers the world for the first time. The scenes are not only heartwarming, but bring such a life-like feel and emotion to it.

The film could’ve been one of the scariest films of the year, but through powerful performances became one of the most emotional and strongest films of the year.

Cast: A+
Script: A
Cinematography: A-
Score: B+
Overall: A


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