Steve Jobs Review

While a Steve Jobs biopic was attempted a couple years ago (and failed), this time around Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet lead a well structured film following Jobs before three major project launches.

Aaron Sorkin has an act for tending to write very good stories about famous icons, while some of it seems exaggerated, it still manages to be a great story.

Briefly before three major launches, Steve Job’s small world goes to shit in so many ways. In dealing with his marketing manager, co-founder, former CEO, and his daughter, the viewer learns about Job’s harsh manners and controlling attitude.

The overall structure of the film is routine and helps the viewer focus on the details at hand rather than try and figure out Jobs’ life.

While the acting can be melodramatic at times, the cast helps show the feel of the film by just being upset and frustrated the entire time.

However the third act is where the film really shines, with the wonderful character development and fast paced dialogue sealing the emotional ride and helps harden the possibility of Fassbender taking home an Oscar.

Cast: A-
Script: A
Cinematography: B
Score: B+
Overall: A-


3 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Review

  1. Interesting insight. I am a huge fan of the first Jobs movie, It was well written and Ashten Kutcher executed the role well, despite what most reviews say so I’ve been sceptical to see this film as I know it didn’t do much better, particularly when you consider how much more money was put into it.


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