Sicario Review

Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro lead this exquisite film about the cartel world. Playing an FBI agent in Arizona, Blunt finds herself recruited by an unknown man (Josh Brolin) to join his special operation.

Dennis Villenueve’s most recent film about fighting the cartel is one of his most exciting and well shot film in his entire career.

Many have tried to capture the true landscape of the drug cartel world and many have failed, but “Sicario” really hits the mark on the feel and the hidden beauty and true horror of the desert.

While the cinematography was on point and very beauty, the script lacked on realization for Blunt’s Kate Mercer. While Del Toro had mystery and an ominous feel, Blunt’s story was told in the first 10 minutes, and never progressed from there. Blunt is a wonderful actress who certainly had the capability to do more, but was cast aside for Del Toro’s character. (which was affirmed by the fact that he’s getting his own spin-off)

While the script left Blunt in the dark, it did have pretty powerful moments that really stuck after the fact. Scenes of a cartel member at his home with his family and subsequent scenes after his death are very powerful and bring a layer of realism that works well.

The score perfectly manages to life you into the world of the film, and really does a wonderful part to enhance the film.

Hopefully the future spin-off includes Blunt and Del Toro having a relationship, because those hints were some of the most promising parts for Blunt (sadly), but until then, “Sicario” hits the mark when it needs to.

Cast: A-
Script: B+
Cinematography: A+
Score: A+
Overall: A


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