The Danish Girl Review

In a year of amazing transgender breakthroughs, Tom Hooper’s “The Danish Girl” tries to capture the emotional journey of transitioning in a time when transgender people were considered “perverted,” but barely misses it’s goal.

The story of Lili Elbe has been a focal point for transgender people everyone, and Eddie Redmayne does a wonderful job of bringing her to life, but doesn’t captivate where it needs to.

The film has a great subject matter and real life story to go from, but when translated to the screen, becomes dull and rather redundant.

While Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander deliver great performances, after about 45 minutes, the story pretty much completes itself and becomes dull. While the story should focus on mainly Lili, it goes over Vikander’s Greda to some degree to, which could’ve been horrible, but considering she has a more interesting story, (they changed her story significantly) her story becomes the best part of the film.

While the film could’ve focused on her struggles as one of the first transgender people ever, it instead focused on her struggles in her marriage and really missed the opportunity to make a stand for transgender rights and also make the characters have their shining moment.

While the setting was nicely realized, the story had a lot to be desired to the point where not even it’s superb performances could save it.

Cast: A-
Script: B-
Cinematography: B
Score: B
Overall: B


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