Joy Review

David O. Russel’s latest feature with Jennifer Lawrence tries to chronicle the struggles of the inventor of the miracle mop, but without Lawrence, it would’ve been a miracle if the film would’ve been seen at all.

When it comes to exciting movies, dramas about the inner workings of a business aren’t the first that come to mind. However in the right hands, even a film about the invention of the microwave could become exciting, but “Joy” doesn’t come close to exciting. While the film doesn’t become c-span boring, it does become rather disappointing considering the potential with Lawrence and Bradley Cooper helming major roles.

It’s been over a day since I’ve seen the film and I’m unsure if the script or the ensemble is what really failed the film, so I’m going to go with both.

The ensemble is not only awkward, downright frustrating. Her family is just annoying and unnecessary. Every family has faults, but Joy’s family has such large flaws that could’ve helped the story tremendously if the script was better. Robert De Niro was the worst of the bunch, being douchey and unbelievable, while her sister seemed to serve no purpose other than being a pain in the ass.

The script had a lot of potential, with good acting, even rather quaint stories can become amazing with wonderful acting, (see: “Show Me a Hero“) but considering half of the figures (ex-husband, son, best friend, mother) in Joy’s life where cast aside for De Niro, the script failed tremendously.

The only good thing from this movie has to be Jennifer Lawrence. While it’s not an Oscar worthy performance, it’s the only reason you actually finish the movie. She has the cliche underdog story that makes you root for her, but her acting is what carries you across the finish line.

The only other thing memorable about the film was Melissa Rivers as her mother, giving the most memorable line, “You’re not going to make it in a man’s world dressed like that.” Which makes me pray that one day we get a biopic staring Melissa as her mother.

Aside from that the film fades into the tedious atmosphere that it was set in, and is destined for a life of mid-day reruns on tnt.

Cast: C+
Script: C-
Cinematography: B
Score: B
Overall: C+


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