Top Ten Television Shows of 2015


10. AHS: hotel
The 5th season of the Anthology horror show returns the creepy and horrific greatness that made it famous. With lady gaga, Sarah Paulson, and company giving it their terrifying all as a group in a murderous hotel, with Wes Bentley trying to solve a series of murders that are connected to the hotel.

9. The Comeback
In one of the most ironic returns to television, Lisa Kudrow gives an outstanding performance as the neurotic d-list star, who is filming her life for a reality show to make a comeback. The show may have been gone for almost a decade, but is better than ever.

8. Daredevil
The first of many marvel shows to come, this one about a blind man with heightened abilities sets itself apart from the pack by adding gritty realism and compelling heroes to make it one of the best superhero shows in recent years.


7. Jessica Jones
The second of many marvel shows to come, this female led gem about a failed superhero trying to make a living makes it unlike the other superhuman shows by giving it a human storyline that many shows fail to cover.
6. Transparent
Amazon’s hit show about a transgender woman and her family gives another stellar season full of hard hitting topics laced with a humorous outlook. Jeffrey Tambor gives it his all as a transgender woman with a self absorbed family whose lives only seem to get worse.
5. You’re the Worst
This sleeper hit about a dysfunctional friend group was one of the best shows of 2014 and grew to even bigger heights with an amazing story of depression and more pessimistic humor. Hopefully people will begin to catch up to this amazing show.


4. Broad City
The irreverent comedy becomes even more wacky and wild in its second season with Abbi and Ilana up to their same tricks, but with a sharper edge. Being realized and fully delving into the world they created, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer give one of the best shows on TV the best characters around.
3. Mr. Robot
In the best debut of the year, this hacker drama stars the wonderful Rami Malek as a drug addled hacker with loads of problems. The show gives a thrilling story without getting too niche and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.


2. Show Me a Hero
Oscar Isaac gives a spectacular performance as Yonkers mayor Nick Wasicsko in the HBO miniseries about a racially charged public housing debate in the late 1980’s. Let’s face it, if Oscar Isaac can make city council meetings interesting and engaging, he deserves many awards
1. Veep
This show has been unstoppable since the start, but Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the President with her unqualified team take this political comedy to new heights in one of the sharpest shows on TV.


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