It Follows Review

David Robert Mitchell’s horror film is equally an ode to classic horror films and an evolution of the entire horror genre. Maika Monroe leads as a young girl being followed by a supernatural being that was given to her by having sex in this game changing film.

Out of the many cliches and tropes that have come out of horror films, people having sex is one the most common. Many times the young, popular couple will be having sex and get brutally murdered. This trope was called out in “Scream” and now is being put at the fore-front of the action in this movie.

Monroe’s Jay has sex with a man who then kidnaps her and takes her to see the entity that has been following him and warns her to have sex with someone fast before it kills her. Jay and her friends then begin searching for answers as the entity follows Jay everywhere she goes.

The film trades in gore and surprise scares for an anxiety ridden ride with a terrifying concept. The ominous and fantastic score aides in making your heart race for the inevitable conflict. The cinematography gives the suburban setting a nostalgic and melancholy feel, which helps create a feeling of dread.

While the film could clearly connect to STD’s, it feels more like an ode to classic horror films. The 1970’s aesthetic is reminiscent of “Halloween” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and doesn’t downplay the common tropes that are found in horror films.

The film could also be seen as a metaphor for mortality. The entity is slow, but always near. It can “take the form of someone you love” and won’t stop for the rest of your life.

While the film has a lot meanings and possible allegory’s, it is nonetheless a great film. The score and soundtrack perfectly compliment the movie and help it move to greatness. The original idea and fitting cast help the anxiety rise and never make the movie dull.

The film will hopefully go down as a classic in the horror genre and will inevitably scare many people from ever having sex again.

Cast: A
Script: A-
Cinematography: A+
Score: A+
Overall: A


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