Anomalisa Review

Charlie Kaufman’s newest film in over 7 years is a heart-stopping stop motion about a motivational speaker who hears the same voice in everyone, except for one. This wonderful character study about a depressed man is one of the most human films in recent years, with no real humans, just real human emotions.

Charlie Kaufman has been known for his out of the box films and approach to making them. He’s been making waves ever since his debut and this film is no exception. His stop motion character study of a depressed man named Michael Stone is not revolutionary, but it is wonderfully refreshing.

While most films about people with depression make you want die, this film doesn’t focus on his depression, but a bright moment in his life. A Motivational speaker for customer service representatives, Michael Stone hears everyone’s voice as the same man, until one day in Cincinnati, when he meets Lisa, a phone operator with the most beautiful voice he’s ever heard.

Every detail in this movie is calculated. While the stop-motion is an obvious one, every detail from the dialogue to every aspect of the protagonists life is accounted for to give the film a human depth to it. Jennifer Jason Leigh stuns as Lisa, a naive and insecure girl who makes you fall in love with her instantly. David Thewlis as Michael Stone does an impeccable job of making you feel empathy for him, even when he can be a douche.

The film fits perfectly with Kaufman’s work and it’s themes will make it a wonder for everyone who watches, regardless if your a fan of his work.

Cast: A
Script: A+
Cinematography: A
Score: A-
Overall: A


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