The Big Short Review

Adam Mckay takes a step aside from his usual goof-ball comedies to add a touch of humor to the very serious credit bubble, that brought on the 2007 financial crisis. Backed by an all star cast, Mckay laces humor with very serious reality, as he tries to explain how greed bought down millions of innocent people.

The financial crisis of 2007 cost millions of people their homes and jobs. 9 years later the repercussions are still being felt as we continue to rebuild. “The Big Short” tells the lesser heard story of a group of insiders who found out about the bubble that would be the cause of the crisis, and while it does succeed in telling the story, some of the important details get lost in translation.

When talking about banks and economics, a lot of jargon is used for many already complicated legal and economic systems. The film does a good of breaking down the more complicated terms and systems in easy ways, but it’s fast-paced dialogue and story hardly gives you time to absorb anything you learn.

It’s saving grace however, is it’s incredible cast. Steve Carrell and Ryan Gosling give outstanding performances that are equally funny and realistic. Brad Pitt and Christian Bale fade into the background throughout much of the movie, but the rest of the ensemble, especially John Magaro and Finn Wittrock, come through to keep the movie fresh and give it depth and reality.

The script does a fantastic job of delivering the story in a way that gives a serious subject a light-hearted approach, that lets the devastating reality sink in when needed.

“The Big Short” does a great job of telling a story that isn’t done in real life, and capped off with a great cast, makes a great film.

Cast: A+
Script: A-
Cinematography: A
Score: B
Overall: A-


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