45 Years Review

Andrew Haigh returns with another look at a couple in love in “45 Years.” Starring Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay as a couple who learn some news that may ruin their marriage, days before their 45th anniversary.

This film become the underdog of all cinephiles as the year went on. With Rampling’s performance and a haunting story being what many talked about as she garnered many year-end accolades for her performance.

While Ramplings performance is definitely great, the movie as a whole feels like a missed opportunity. The story follows Rampling and Courtenay days before their 45th anniversary, when Courtenay finds out his former lover’s body has been found. The story had the potential to take the story in many directions that could’ve been amazing. Instead the movie fell flat and became rather boring.

Rampling was pretty much the only saving grace of the entire film, giving a spectacularly devastating performance, that was the only color of the entire gray experience. She made you feel heart-break for her character when nothing else in the movie made you feel at all.

While the cinematography helped settle the feeling of nostalgia that the entire movie is feeding off of, the score was unmemorable and only could’ve helped the movie, if done right.

While Haigh’s previous effort, “Weekend”, was also lauded, both films fall flat and lack the emotion or stamina to keep you throughly entertained. “45 Years” is more about nostalgia and wishing for how things could’ve been, just like how I wish this movie could’ve been more.

Cast: A-
Script: B
Cinematography: A
Score: C
Overall: B


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