A Most Violent Year Review

J.C. Chandor’s 2014’s sleeper hit “A Most Violent Year” stars a stellar Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain, as a couple who run a heating oil company in 1980’s New York. As someone begins stealing from the company, Isaac and Chastain are faced with the temptation to do dark deeds to keep their live’s in order in this Macbeth-like take on crime in 1981 New York.

Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain are two of the biggest and most versatile stars around today. Both have had tremendous years and are only getting bigger. They both prove that they’re forces to be reckoned with in this crime drama about two business owners.

The story focuses on Abel and Anna Morales, the owners of Standard Heating Oil Co, who are preparing to take their company to the next level by purchasing a larger factory. As they get ready, their company trucks are beginning to get stolen from, so the employees begin to look into drastic ways to protect themselves, all while the police are looking into the company.

The majority of the movie is the phrase “what else could go wrong?” personified onto the screen. Almost every decision that the protagonists make is met with something going very wrong. So much so, that it almost becomes painful to watch at times, which makes you root for the characters even more.

Isaac and Chastain’s amazing performances entrance you throughout the entire movie, making the slow burn of the plot, fly by. Matched with the excellent cinematography, the film actually feels like 1980’s New York, which not all films can replicate.

“A Most Violent Year” was criminally under appreciated in 2014, but hopefully it’s amazing cast and overall product will keep the film alive.

Cast: A+
Script: A
Cinematography: A
Score: A-
Overall: A


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