Golden Globes Review

The 2016 Golden Globes were full of surprises (some were good, most were bad) and with Ricky Gervais back at the hosting spot, the experience was awkward and frustrating.

The Boring: Ricky Gervais

His whole shtick about being offensive and bored by being at the globes grew tedious and annoying very fast. His few jokes the did land were short lived as he quickly would change to a strange or touchy subject. The show would’ve been much better with no host at all.

The Surprise Win: Kate Winslet

Alicia Vikander was the favorite to win for “Ex Machina” and the whole category was worthy of winning, but the HFPA went with the safe choice and gave it to the “Steve Jobs” co-star.

The Surprise Lose(rs): Spotlight/Carol/Alicia Vikander/Transparent/Veep/Mad Max

The globes went for shock value in their voting for the categories. Sure-things such as “Spotlight” and “Transparent” went home empty-handed this time around, although they will probably dominate the rest of the circuit. Alicia Vikander and “Carol” also went home with nothing, even though they had multiple noms.

The WTF: Mozart in the Jungle

The Amazon series has been kinda quiet with critics and hasn’t garnered enough praise to make it a real contender in the awards circuit, which made it shock everyone by beating “Transparent” for two major prizes.

The Disrespectful: Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s horrible bond song surprised everyone by getting the nomination at all, and made jaws drop when it beat the favorite “See You Again.” Hopefully the Oscars will not nominate the horrible song.

The Nice Surprise: Lady Gaga

Gaga got a surprise nomination for her AHS role that she isn’t even done with. She beat “Fargo” favorite Kirsten Dunst and almost fought Leonardo DiCaprio on her way to accept the award. She’s a favorite to win best original song at the Oscars for “The Hunting Ground.”

The Safe Choice: Jennifer Lawrence

The much-loved actress beat out her BFF Amy Schumer and multiple nominee Lily Tomlin, for her role in “Joy.” She was the safe choice in a category that had many worthy actresses.

The Deserved Win: Mr. Robot/Oscar Isaac

The freshman drama was one of the only great shows to actually take home a prize. While most were snubbed, Mr. Robot took best drama tv series and Christian Slater took home best supporting actor. (Rami Malek was beaten by Jon Hamm, who got a send-off award for “Mad Men”)

Oscar Isaac beat out fan-favorite Idris Elba for his role in “Show Me a Hero,” which is good, considering he was magical in the show and made it phenomenal. It’s a good way to cap off his stellar year.

The People One Step Closer to an Oscar: Brie Larson/Leo Dicaprio

Both went home with the top acting awards of the night, and while Brie Larson‘s was deserved (all the women in her category deserve it), Michael Fassbender‘s amazing performance was upstaged by Dicaprio, who hopefully won’t repeat this at the Oscar’s.

The “I’m praying this movie doesn’t win anything at the Oscars” Movie: The Revenant

This shit-show has been receiving unnecessary praise since it’s release, and was the only film that truly didn’t deserve any awards. It beat out actually great works to take home best director, actor, and drama film.




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