2016 Oscar Surprises and Snubs

The 2016 Oscar nominations were announced this morning and, as usual, are full of surprises. While we can only sit back and let the nominees announced go for the gold, we can still be salty and bitter that some amazing stuff was snubbed. “The Revenant” and “Mad Max: Fury Road” lead with 12 and 10 nominations, respectively.

A full prediction will be going up later today. (Nomination Predictions)

Surprise/Snub: The Best Original Song Category

While Lady Gaga and “Youth” were expected to get the nom, The Weeknd swooped in and took Ellie Goulding’s expected nom for their 50 shades songs. Meanwhile Sam Smith’s horrible bond song beat out “Furious 7” for a nomination, which makes me shake with anger at the thought of him having the slightest possibility of winning an Oscar. “Racing Extinction” rounded out the bunch for a surprise nom.

Surprise: What Happened Miss Simone?

The Netflix doc beat out favorites such as “Listen to me Marlon” and “Going Clear” to grab a nomination. The rest of the category was pretty predictable, but it looks like it’s going to be a fight for “Amy” and “The Look of Silence” for a win.

Snub: Quentin Tarantino

He was expected to be nominated for best original screenplay, but was snubbed. Aside from Best Supporting Actress and Cinematography, his film left pretty empty handed.

Surprise: Ex Machina and Straight Outta Compton

The two films landed original screenplay nominations, making it the only nomination for “Straight Outta Compton” and the second for “Ex Machina.” The latter will also be battling against some heavy hitters for the special effects awards.

Snub: Aaron Sorkin

The “Steve Jobs” writer was left out of the running for best adapted screenplay. Whereas Drew Goddard scored the nomination instead for “The Martian.” This is a surprise considering how established Sorkin is and how new Goddard is in the awards world.

Snubs: The Supporting Acting Categories – Jane Fonda/Helen Mirren/Idris Elba

The acting categories were mostly locked in for the past couple weeks, but a few outer players managed to make themselves known. Rachel McAdams beat Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren for a spot in the actress category. It’s surprising to see the academy go with the softer performance of McAdams rather than the veterans flashier performances. Fan Favorite Idris Elba was also snubbed for his role in “Beasts of No Nation.” The academy also put Rooney Mara and Alicia Vikander in the category.

Snub: Alicia Vikander for Ex Machina

While Vikander grabbed a nomination for “The Danish Girl,” it’s a surprise to see her not get one for “Ex Machina.” Considering her performance in the latter was way better and the academy nominated it for two awards, it’s sad she didn’t get recognized for her work.

Snub: Best Actor

Johnny Depp and Will Smith were left out of the running for best actor. Matt Damon picked up the last spot while the rest of the group was pretty much locked in.

More Snubs (and a Surprise): Directing

Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg were left out of the running for best director, which is a major surprise considering both their films are nominated for best picture. The academy went with smaller “Room” director in a surprising twist, that left the lauded directors out in the cold.

Best Picture:

While the majority of the line-up was predicted, “Room” swooped in and grabbed a spot while “Carol” and “Straight Outta Compton” were snubbed in the category. It’s currently looking like a race between “Spotlight” and “The Revenant” with “Mad Max” also in the mix. Hopefully anything but the “The Revenant” wins.



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