The Revenant Review: A Barely Bearable Film

After winning a surprising amount of Oscars last year for “Birdman” Alejandro G. Iñárritu returns with “The Revenant.” This time led by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, the film tells the story of a man left for dead in the 1800’s. While the film has received a lot of attention for its grueling shoot and tedious detailing, it fails to evoke the emotion or entertain you for very long, as it’s outdoor cinematography and calming music get old very quick.

“The Revenant” stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass, a fur trapper who gets attacked by a bear and is left for dead by John Fitzgerald, who also kills his son. As Glass begins to heal, he makes it his goal to find Fitzgerald and get revenge. The film manages to fill two and half hours up of this simple plot, while trying to suffice by above-average cinematography (just barely) and an okay score.

Despite all the hype for this film, it’s boring, while it is a high quality made film, it doesn’t seem to dazzle. It goes for a lot of action very quickly, with a fight between the whites and the natives, but after the now infamous bear attack, becomes almost unbearably slow. (pun intended, and the film is pretty terrible.)

It’s terrible how Leonardo is probably going to win an Oscar for this role, considering all he does is get beat up and grunt for almost two hours. Compared to his other films, he does nothing in this film and is not worthy of an Oscar. The only person in the film actually worth watching is Hardy. Tom Hardy’s devious character is the only remotely interesting character in the film. (Although Domhnall Gleeson is pretty great)

While the film is brilliantly made, and is pretty worthy of all the technical categories it got nominated in, the film is nowhere near as greatly made as “Mad Max” or even “The Martian.” The fact that this film received the amount of Oscar nominations that it did is disappointing considering the other great films released this year. (The fact that this film got a best picture nom and “Carol” didn’t makes me livid.)

Ultimately, the films fails to inspire anything but a praise for the effort. The boring acting and story makes the films get old very quickly and hopefully people can see through the hype of it all.

Cast: B-
Script: C
Cinematography: B+
Score: B+
Overall: C+


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