Mistress America Review

Noah Baumbach returns with this indie comedy about a young girl looking for some excitement and a woman who wants to find clarity. “Mistress America” pairs up Baumbach’s frequent partner Greta Gerwig and “Gone Girl” co-star Lola Kirke for a New York comedy about two people at crucial points in their lives, trying to make the most of it.

“Mistress America” starts off with Kirke’s Tracey, a college freshman who is insecure and is bored with life. As she starts to find her groove, a boy she likes throws her off her game. With nothing left to lose, she calls her future step-sister, Brooke, and gets thrown into her wacky and fast-paced life.

Gerwig’s Brooke is irreverent and wacky, all while she lets off a cool aura that intrigues you and makes you want to be her best-friend. This quality about her makes you root for from the get-go and helps make the movie great. The movie perfectly fits her, as you and the rest of the ensemble follow her around New York on her various schemes. As Tracey falls in love with her and follows her around like a lost puppy, you understand why, even though the disheartening outcome is inevitable.

The rest of the cast tends to follow in her shadow and never really stands out. Tracey being enamored can be redundant at times, but can also be crucial at the right moments. While the rest of the ensemble becomes annoying at times, it isn’t without reason. (Plus Lola Kirke is the oldest looking 18 year old I’ve ever seen)

The millennial soundtrack mixed with the New York cityscape help really sink in the melancholy of the film and give it the wonderful quality the film thrives in. The fast-paced dialogue make it hard to think at times, but it delicately mixes the humor and drama.

The film perfectly represents the feeling that many college goers feel at the time and is a must see for people who are bored with life at times. The film may not go down as the best of all time, but is still a must see.

Cast: A-
Script: B+
Cinematography: A-
Score: B+
Overall: A-



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