Angie Tribeca Review

Fresh off the success of “The Big Short,” Steve Carrell and his wife Nancy Carrell, go behind the screen for a half-hour cop parody with Rashida Jones. Jones plays the titular character of the show, which plays on not only stereotypes, but weird quirky habits of all crime shows, which is refreshingly irreverent and hilarious.  

Crime shows have always been a staple of television since it began. With Law and Order bringing it to the forefront, a parody was not far behind, and while movies have brought crime and humor together many times, a show hasn’t successfully parodied it, until now. While “Brooklyn 99” has made a lighter show about cops, “Angie Tribeca” doesn’t try to be humorous, it never lets up on the serious tone, throughout the absurd comedy.

By not giving in and letting everyone on the show in on the joke, it consistently delivers laughs and entertainment. The show also doesn’t give in to one type of joke, but instead gives all types, from irony to playing on stereotypes, while all being absurd.

Jones and the rest of the cast deliver great performances, that make for a hilarious and great show, that all fans of comedy should watch.

Cast: A-
Script: A
Cinematography: B
Score: B
Overall: B+


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