The X-Files Season 10 My Struggle Review

After ending over 14 years ago, “The X-Files” return with the original cast and crew taking the helm on one of the most popular sci-fi shows of all time.

The pilot episode of “The X-Files” has become one of the most famous episodes of all time. The “I want to believe” poster, Scully’s resistance to anything that doesn’t fall in line with science, and Mulder’s stubborn and resilient attitude to finding the truth. All these things set up 9 seasons of one of the most popular shows around.

With Season 10’s premiere, sadness and hope come to mind. The episode brings sadness that it lacks the formula that the original seasons brought, but hope that it can get better as the next 5 episodes come on.

The makings of a good episode are there. The creepy and conspiracy filled opening minutes are a good match for the familiar opening theme.┬áThe chemistry between Mulder and Scully is still there. Scully’s worry for her former partner is still very evident as they meet early on in the episode. The mythology is still intact from the the earlier seasons, with aliens still being all Mulder can think about.

The episode itself however, doesn’t use what it has to make a good episode. It strays from the formula that made “The X-Files” famous, only hurt it. The episode plays like a big inside joke rather than a reboot. The aliens, while cheesy and creepy as ever, feel forced and don’t meld well with the story.

Towards the end however, the episode begins to kick off, with the stakes being raised, it looks like the next episodes could actually be really good. Hopefully the flow and formula will come back and the “The X-Files” will continue to be great.

Cast: A
Script: B-
Cinematography: B
Score: B+
Overall: B-


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