2016 SAG Awards Surprises and Snubs/Show Review

The SAG awards are often a good indicator of who will go on to take home the Oscar, but with such a wide field and so few nominees making it in both the Oscar and SAG categories, the race remains wide open. Brie Larson and Leonardo DiCaprio took home the top wins, as expected, but the supporting fields still remain wide open. Meanwhile, diversity and old favorites ruled the television categories.

Surprise: Idris Elba wins twice

Idris Elba’s snub in the Oscars was a major talking point when the nominations were announced, but Christian Bale was expected to take home the actor. By winning the supporting actor actor, the race for that trophy in the Oscars is still unclear, With Bale and Mark Rylance the frontrunners, but Tom Hardy’s Revenant run being the dark horse for the category.

Snub: Jon Hamm

Fresh off finally winning an Emmy and adding a Golden Globe, the “Mad Men” alum was expected to take home the award that he also hasn’t been able to receive, but Kevin Spacey surprisingly won. Spacey also beat the newcommer Rami Malek whose run was also highly popular.

Surprise: Downton Abbey

The show took home the top drama honor beating out some of the most popular shows on TV. Mad Men and Game of Thrones were expected to be one of the winners, but were unable to win.

Snub: Transparent

Transparent failed to garner a nomination last year, and was expected to make up for it this year, but Orange is the New Black won for the second consecutive time. Jeffrey Tambor however did manage to get the best Actor trophy.

Surprise: Alicia Vikander

Although she’s had a stellar year, it was unlikely she was to take home the trophy, but nonetheless did. This gives her a massive boost in the race for the Oscar, however Kate Winslet and Rooney Mara are still a challenge to win the award.

Surprise: Spotlight wins the top honors

The Big Short has had a stellar couple of weeks, taking home major prizes and garnering a lot of box office and critical attention, but the frontrunner is still Spotlight. This all but promises a race between these two films for the Best Picture prize.

Overall Show Review

Compared to the Globes and Critics choice awards this one was way more enjoyable. Being short and concise, the show managed to squeeze in jokes and heart-felt moments and was very enjoyable. While the end got rather rushed, the tributes to Carol Burnett and David Bowie were touching and wonderful. The jokes managed to land and the presentations were all on point and none were flubbed. (aside from Saoirse Ronan being a tad late) Now the wait for the Oscars begins!



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