Amy Review

Asif Kapadia’s latest documentary takes a look at the tumultuous life of beloved singer Amy Winehouse. Going from the time she began singing to the time of her death, the documentary takes an honest and touching look at the girl who changed music. Showing how her father and the paparazzi, as well as drugs and love, brought her to her downfall, the searing doc shows a side of the singer rarely seen, and how her own fame ended up destroying her.

By letting her friends and family narrate the movie, you get an unfiltered view of how she was and acted. Along with never before seen footage, the documentary makes sure to not show a flattering portrayal, but a truthful one.

“Amy” starts off with a home video of the singer way before she was known and shows her singing a song at her friends. Her best friend then talks about she was a strong headed girl who wanted independence and also had no real intention of becoming a singer.

As the documentary goes on, you see her slowly fall from grace, and see her struggle with a load of issues, from her greedy father to addiction. By showing the truth of it, the doc accomplishes in telling a beautiful story, that while tragic, is necessary in showing the harshness of drug and eating problems.

“Amy” shows the songstress in her own world, and shows how she was an innocent and beautiful person who was taken too soon. If you are a fan of hers or of documentaries, this is a must watch, as it is one of the most human and compelling documentaries in recent years.

Score: A+



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