American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson Episode 1 Review

The master of anthology series returns with his newest incarnation, this time about one of the most infamous trials in American history. Ryan Murphy gives a star studded cast the task of telling the story of one of the most well known trials ever. Sarah Paulson, David Schwimmer, John Travolta, and Cuba Gooding Jr. lead the cast as the main players in the well developed miniseries.  

As far as court cases go, no other court case got as much attention as O.J. Simpson’s. The very obvious guilty verdict was taken away as the defense attorney’s used racial tensions and his celebrity status to sway the jury. The miniseries offers an in-depth look at all sides of the trial, from friends and family to the lawyers and prosecutors point of view.

The miniseries overall is defined and sharp, giving way to make the facts surface and not try to make it flashy and melodramatic. While the series is a tad bit biased to making O.J. look guilty, it’s good at showing how all the people felt when the events were occurring.

The real standout of the entire show however is Sarah Paulson, who gives Marcia Clark a touching and sweet portrayal that is as fiery and on-point. The rest of the cast is well-developed and realistic (except with John Travolta, who is clownish at times).

The episode and hopefully the rest of the series accomplishes in telling a fact-based and solid story. Telling it from both sides help the story go along and keeps the criticism about being biased away (although Simpson obviously did it). Hopefully the show will finally earn Sarah Paulson an Emmy she deserved a long time ago.


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