The Look of Silence Review

Joshua Oppenheimer’s follow-up to the 2012 “The Act of Killing” follows a young man who poses as an eye doctor, while confronting the men who participated in the murder of his brother during the Indonesian genocide in the 1960’s. The poignant and daring look at the men who have little feelings for their horrific actions and the people it affected.

“The Look of Silence” follows a young father whose life was changed years before he was even born, when his brother was killed in the “purge” of communists in 1965. The man talks to the men who committed the crimes and his family, while posing as an eye doctor.

The film walks the line on being artsy and too art-house for general audiences to understand, but is brought back to Earth by the searing and terrifying reality that the people in the film describe. It’s truly poignant story and effects offer a bleak look at what some people have had to face, and by not censoring the gory details, often becomes humbling for people who are privileged.

“The Look of Silence” is a chilling and wonderful documentary, that shows the darker sides of humanity and offers a humbling experience to anyone who watches the film.


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