2016 Independent Spirit Awards Review

Held the day before the Oscars, the Spirit awards is the second to last major awards show of the awards season, and the last major indie film awards. While the nominees are more indie-oriented, the nominees that line up with the academy and take home the prize, often have a good shot at repeating the win the next day.

The 2016 Spirit awards didn’t line up with the Oscars as much as last year, the films that did line up won big, specifically “Spotlight,” which won almost all the major prizes. “Beasts of No Nation” won big as well, even though it was shut out from the Oscars. Brie Larson took home the top prize for acting, and if her path to the Oscar’s wasn’t already set in stone, it is now.

While “The Revenant” has unrightfully gotten a surge in the past month, “Spotlight” came out on top, winning all five awards it was nominated for. This may be the last consolation for the film, which was once the long-time best picture front-runner, is now very likely to lose out the “The Revenant.” This is so sad considering “Spotlight” is a far better film and is by-far the film that should win. (Only because “Carol” didn’t get nominated.)

The overall show itself was quick and humorous, Both Kate McKinnon and Kumail Nanjiani landed their jokes and both used their strengths to make some hilarious laugh out loud moments. The “Carol” spoof is sure to become viral and be referenced with the film itself for years to come. Plus McKinnon’s scene where she made out with Paul Dano brought me to tears from laughter.

Another big moment during the show was the first transgender nominee, Mya Taylor, won for her supporting role in “Tangerine,” making it one of the most deserved wins of the night. Diversity also ruled for “Beasts” with the two male acting awards went to the stars of the film. “Diary of a Teenage Girl” and “Carol” also got solo wins for best first feature and best cinematography, respectively.

While the 2016 awards season is almost drawing to a close, the 2017 awards season is already beginning, with diversity becoming a priority for the upcoming year. For now, the main race is between “The Revenant” with everyone else in the race.


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