2016 Oscar’s Review – Lady Gaga’s snub, The Revenant’s unrightful win, and more

The end of the 2016 awards season went off with… a couple of shots fired. With Chris Rock’s material focusing heavily on the race conversation (most of which was good, some was not so good) and the awards mostly being by the book, the 2016 Oscars were not outstanding, but a few moments will be remembered.

Leo finally won (or did he?)

The most anticipated part of the Oscars was by-far Leonardo DiCaprio’s expected win. However, when he did win, his speech was rather lackluster and seemed stiff for someone who has waited over 20 years to finally get this award. Plus his win will be overshadowed in time at how he didn’t actually deserve this award. Compared to Michael Fassbender, Leo’s grunting was nothing and the ire already building for The Revenant as a whole is starting to build.

The Martian and Carol get shut out

Both films were already subject to major nomination snubs last month, but were completely shut out at the awards. Luckily, both films are likely to last longer in the public and cinephile wise, as both were very well liked.

Sam Smith beat Lady Gaga

The majority of the Oscars was expected and by the book. Almost all the winners were either the front-runners or the runner-ups. However, the biggest upset of the night was how Sam Smith’s horrible Bond song won over Lady Gaga’s beautiful song about sexual abuse survivors. Not only did her rendition of the song bring people to tears and win the night, but the song had a powerful political message and was so deserving of a win. Smith beating Gaga is on par with Crash beating Brokeback Mountain for best picture in 2005.

Chris Rock made it known that he was pissed.

The #Oscarsowhite controversy was made brought to the forefront of the Oscars by Chris Rock, who 90% of the time was spot on in what he was talking about and was hilarious. However, that was his only topic that he talked about during the 4 hour telecast. While he brought a lot of attention to the racial disparity in Hollywood, he left out women and lgbt people, who don’t have it much better. He also made it worse by having a bit involving Asian and black stereotypes. For the most part, he killed it, but by hour 3, he was on the verge of killing ratings.

The Revenant undeservedly wins

The only reason the Revenant was considered for anything was because of how much the director and Leo bitched about the fucking movie. Films are fucking hard to make, but because you think your film was so much harder to make does not entitle you to the top prizes. George Miller was the deserving winner of best director, who also had a hard time making his movie, but was sadly beaten out. Ed Lachman was the right choice for cinematography, but because the Revenant used real light and snow, they took home the prize. Michael Fassbender actually acted, but because he didn’t eat a bison liver, he’ll have to wait until next time!

Mark Rylance beat Stallone

Stallone was a favorite to take home the supporting actor trophy, over thirty years after being nominated for the same role, but a larger traditional support for Rylance overpowered Stallone, who will probably not be making another appearance at the Oscars.

Spotlight won best picture!!!

Thank every lord in the heavens The Revenant didn’t win.


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