Viceland: Balls Deep Review

Part of Vice’s appeal is the fact that they tend to go to places and do things that more traditional media outlets will not go. While their documentaries tend to be more left wing, they occasionally give the more conservative-minded a chance to show their side of things. In the first episode of Thomas Morton’s solo show, Morton ventures out to the Midwest, wear he spends time with the preacher of the dying tent revival.

Out of all the new crop of shows for Vice’s new channel, this is the one that more closely resembles the HBO television show. While all the episodes will revolve around a certain sub-culture, they still make the reporter (in this case Morton) go and immerse themselves into what they’re reporting on.

The first episode focuses on the preacher of a pentecostal tent revival, and what the religion is all about. Morton spends his time helping set up the tent as well as learning how the part of the religion is beginning to die off. He eventually takes his turn and does a sermon and preaches to the man’s congregation.

Morton does a good job of showing an unbiased look, while also being an authentic person, and occasionally throwing out his opinion. The show overall also doesn’t paint the evangelicals as crazy Christian’s (which most are) and shows them as real people just trying to get by.

If you’re a fan of Vice in general, you’ll enjoy this show, and probably all the others. They don’t really leave the format or content of the others, but are still a great show to watch and can be rather informative and help you get a more worldly view.



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