Viceland: Flophouse Review

Viceland’s freshman batch of shows mostly follow the format that the HBO show set up, but Flophouse is the one that deviates from the format. Viceland follows a group of comedians who live in a small house in Los Angeles, while they set up weekly stand-out shows. While the future episodes will show if the show can live or die, as a solo set-up the show is an interesting look into the comedy scene.

The comedy scene is like almost every other scene and notoriously hard to break into. It requires a lot of unpaid work, bad crowds, failure, and a fuckton of determination. Flophouse shows various comedians with various types of styles trying to make the crowd. While most of them succeed in making the audience laugh, it never really goes into how they’re careers are going outside of the house.

The show is good in showing how these comedians are trying to start and shows new talent in the making, but is not good at very much else. Flophouse doesn’t go into any of the peoples lives and also never leaves the house. While it explains how the house came to be, it doesn’t explain the reason the shows are being held.

If the show begins to grow, it could very well be one of the better shows that the freshman slate has to offer. If the format continues in this way, then the show will be nothing more than a bunch of unnamed talent giving mini comedy specials.

Flophouse is one of the most diverse offers the new Viceland channel has to offer, and also has the potential to be one of the best.

Score: B


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