Things I Hate

Life is full of hate. We need hate so we can have joy. Nothing but joy and fun things and lovey dovey bullshit would make life boring. I’ve been told by multiple people and a licensed therapist that I have a lot of hate inside me. That’s what happens when you’re not rich and life is constantly hard. Here is a rundown of some things that I fucking hate.

  • The fuck boys who fucking don’t like the new Ghostbusters because it has women leading the cast.
    • Honestly it’s 2016 and we still gotta deal with this sexist bullshit. These people are the reason Trump is a thing.
  • Slow people
    • not like mentally handicapped people, but like people who thing driving in the car is fun and do it leisurely. You can go 5 mph over the speed limit for a reason.
  • People who fucking die
    • Looking at you David Bowie
  • People who are offended at everything
    • People are starving in Africa and there is slavery still happening around the world and you choose to get mad because of Kylie Jenner’s hair???
  • People who totally trust uber
    • I don’t trust people to watch my shopping cart while I use the bathroom and you’re trusting them enough to be in car with them for an extended amount of time???
  • People who have better lives than me
  • People who give me shit because I hate chocolate
    • Chocolate isn’t the best thing in the world, and I’m not an alien because I don’t like it
  • People who think guacamole is great
    • Really?
  • People who wear scarves unironically
    • Does your neck really need extra coverage?
  • People who wear socks past their ankles
  • People who complain about traffic
  • Traffic
  • Florida in general
    • Something’s happening over there and I suggest we get rid of the problem by removing the state from the union.
  • Loud
  • People who fucking think beer is good
    • That nasty, fattening wheat water is so fucking bland and leads me to believe your argument against feminism is that you can now hit women.
  • People who give me shit for liking vinyl
  • People who have more than three pairs of shoes
    • Shoes are expensive and they should last a good year?
  • Football that isn’t ironic
  • Condoms that are already sticky
  • People who fucking rant
  • Irony
  • (jk)
  • People who lie
  • The Big Bang theory
    • The show. I’m not one of those weird Christians.
  • People who bitch about how How I Met Your Mother ended
  • The fucker who ended that show
  • The white man who deemed that gay shit in media isn’t cool
    • I’m so sick of straight people
  • Sam smith for beating Lady Gaga
    • That shit was egregious and fucking unnecessary.
  • Crash for beating Brokeback Mountain
    • What the fuck????
  • Brokeback Mountain
    • That movie portray’s gay people horribly (still better than crash)
  • Chris Brown
    • He beat Rihanna and yet he continues to make music without public outcry is a good showing of sexism in America. Considering Kesha can’t make music and he can is Fucking Horrible.
  • Hateful People

To be continued…


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