Viceland: Gaycation Episode 2 Review

Ellen Page’s LGBT travel series looking at life for LGBT people in other countries takes a turn as Page and her co-host Ian Daniel go to Brazil. Seemingly an open minded place, Page and Daniel show all the varying views of the people in the country, and how it isn’t totally the fun place it seems to the outside world.

In the first episode, Page looked at the more aesthetic parts of Japan, and hardly looked at the real world aspects of the people in the country. While there was a couple of good parts of the show, it’s only moment of showing the true culture of Japan was a rather uncomfortable. With the second episode however, it shows more of the country’s views as a whole rather than niche aspects.

The episode shows how the party culture of Brazil tends to drown out the harsh reality of being a LGBT person in this country. The episode shows more of the transgender community than it did in the pilot episode. It also takes a turn at showing the opposition to the LGBT cause and puts more real world feel to the series.

While the show can seem choppy at times, it is slowly figuring itself out and is gaining a voice. At it’s current pace, it is making it’s case to become one of the best shows concerning LGBT people out there, especially since there is practically no other shows like it around.

Ellen Page herself is also coming into her own as a host. She shows that she’s willing to go the extra mile to show what life is like for these people, and puts herself in highly uncomfortable and at times dangerous positions to do so. Her other strong suit is how she cares for the subject and isn’t doing this for vain reasons. She shows her weak side and shows that she herself is interested in learning about the culture she’s in.

As the show progresses, it’ll learn about it’s voice, as Page and Daniel keep going and continue to push the boundaries of these places that are hard for many in the LGBT community.


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