Broad City Season 3 Review

When the irreverent duo of Broad City hit Comedy Central three years ago, they showed the world that girls can play frat and stoner humor just like the boys, but have grown into a wacky world they’ve created. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer lead the Amy Poehler produced comedy about two girls trying to make a living in New York. Each episode takes place in a single day of their lives, and three seasons later is better than ever.

Whether it’s meeting Hillary Clinton or trying to find an outfit for an art gallery, the duo of Broad City give every occasion their all, and in turn make us laugh the entire time. They add their strange thinking and unique world views to everything from polygamy to the DMV, and don’t let the harsh aspects they face get in the way of accomplishing their goals.

Over three seasons they’ve set the seeds for the world they live in, but have found the flow to continuously deliver amazing comedy and an amazing show overall. While the first two seasons were also spectacular, this is the first season where everything they’ve been setting up has fit together. They also have established that the weirdness of the world they live in is totally normal for them and the absurdity is welcomed.

They live by the mantra of “different is better” and welcome the weird and know they are weird as hell. They not only embrace the weird, but show that through all their quirks and desires, they’re still regular people, just really weird people.

Jacobson and Glazer have found their type of comedy and built the world around them, now have made one of the best comedy’s on television and hopefully will be around to make the world laugh for years.

Cast: A+
Script: A
Cinematography: A-
Score: A
Overall: A


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