Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Batman v Superman has been a major talking point since it’s debut at the San Diego Comic Con, but the conversation had turned from optimistic to worrisome as time went on. Each trailer was met with more outcry than joy, and the premiere of the film was demolished by critics, but broke records in theaters. The mega-superhero mash-up sees Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, and Laurence Fishburne return with newcomers Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jeremy Irons, Jesse Eisenberg, and Holly Hunter all clash in this divisive film.

Most critics have done nothing but destroy this film in the press. Most agree that it’s unaccessible and confusing, while others said the film was boring and had bad acting. The film was a lot of things. It tried to be six films at once, while also being the starting point for the DC films that will follow. The film is definitely confusing, and it is cluttered and at times inaccessible, but is it bad? No.

If you were to take the film apart and look at it’s individual scenes, then the film isn’t half bad. The film has the tedious job of setting up the DC franchise and also tell a massive story. Stylistically, BVS does a good job of setting the tone up. Setting itself apart from Marvel by making the film darker, it still follows a superhero-esque plot that we’ve seen many times before.

The film isn’t spectacular, it’s full of plot-holes and needs a lot of explaining. Being a DC fan, I wasn’t totally confused by parts that came directly out of the comics, but the plot itself was often confusing, and it didn’t seem like it was purposeful. By trying to be six films at once, it ended up doing more damage than it meant to. It became muddled and unexciting when nearly an hour and a half were nothing but explaining.

However, the few standout scenes really stood out. The senate hearing was by-far the most breathe-taking scene of the film. When Holly Hunter saw the jar of the “tea” and was unable to speak, it was a searing moment, that left a shadow over the film. The senate hearing was what the film was trying to be, but never really could reach that style or mood that it set.

The other stand out of the film was it’s new cast. The new additions to the film were excellent in the film, and made me excited for the upcoming chances to shine. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was badass and really showed promise for her upcoming movie. Ben Affleck was a great Batman and was one of the only consistent good things about the movie. Jesse Eisenberg fit his role more than anyone in the film, and was one of the scariest villain in recent memory.

While the newcomers were great, the characters that returned from “Man of Steel” were not so great. Amy Adams entire storyline was verging on sexist, as her only moments of being badass were ruined by Superman saving her, and her other remaining parts were her sulking over him. Henry Cavill’s Superman was pouty and childish and was the worst part of the film by-far.

The film has many faults, and will probably be forgotten in the scheme of things, but sets up some exciting prospects for the future justice league films.

Cast: B
Script: B-
Cinematography: B+
Score: B
Overall: B-


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