Why flipping the script like “Check, Please!” is important

I was applying for an internship and had to write a post about positive representation, so I choose Check, Please!

Representation in the LGBTQ community can be a double-edged sword. While it is good for people to see that we exist, it can have detrimental effects when a hateful or stereotypical representation is shown.

“Check, Please!” follows the adventures of a gay hockey player and his teammates. However, unlike many representations of gay men, the main character, Bitty, does not shy away from being feminine or trying to pretend to be anything but himself.

Bitty was formerly a figure skater and loves to bake pies. He also falls for the captain of the team, the distant Jack, who ends up being gay as well. They not only have a loving relationship, but are supported by their friends.

The story deals with real issues, but doesn’t display a depressing or cynical view of life. The comic overall has a light and uplifting vibe to it, which can do a lot of good for the people reading it who might be having a bad day.

The positive representation of two gay men in a notoriously homophobic sport being surrounded with positive friends can do a lot for people who could be in a similar situation. Having outlets like “Check, Please!” can show others that life can be okay and that they are not invisible.

This comic might not be Batman level famous, but it is well known and free, meaning someone on a sports team who is afraid to come out could be reading it. The comic could be giving one person hope that things will get better. That alone shows the importance of positive representation, and “Check, Please!”


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